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Top 6 TV series to look for in 2018

Top 6 TV series to look for in 2018

TV shows are a favourite hobby of the generation Z, and with the increasing number, choices have grown enormously. Hardly months into the new year and we already have a never-ending list of shows to binge. Netflix and chill, binge-watching and series marathon are trending hash tags. But the pressure of selecting the right sequence to watch is overwhelming. So, if you’re under the impression that there’s too much crowd on TV to watch, here’s a sorted list you might want to priorities.  To get more TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime visit Dealvoucherz and get exclusive discount code for membership for the same.

The Americans (FX)

The five-year-old beloved drama series has come up with its final season and with the last comes the best of all times, evolving gradually. The plot dates back to the days of the Cold War and revolves around a married couple, a house drama with a tinge of crime and action. The final season is spiced up with their daughter dipping her toes in the undercover surrounds along with her parents. The best series by far to watch for a thrilling story.


After being massively adored by the viewers for the first season, Atlanta is all set to rock the second season pitched high by Donald Glover. He has toppled the expectations with an eccentric sophomore season. A critically acclaimed and accoladed by the best, this American comedy-drama has a long way to go. The show grabbed two Golden Globes and two Emmys for its first season. Rated highest by a lot of critics, Atlanta is a must watch.

Killing Eve

Top 6 TV series to look for in 2018

Living up to the name, this eight-episode first season kicked off in early April as a new anti

-buddy cop drama. The show follows the versatile MI5 agent EVE and a psychopathic assassin Villanelle across the world chasing and screeching like Tom and Jerry. With nothing to lose and worry about, these pretty faces become engrossed with one another which results in slight disturbing comic moments to catch you in. Seeing how promising the first season was, the plot has been renewed and updated for its second season. Killing Eve is worthy to watch the two frames bat against each other and the thrill will continue, to see who survives the torment.


The word about the upcoming Roseanne reboot is that the nine-episode come back is centred on the fact that Roseanne will be a Trump supporter. And just like the old times, all the favourites will be together, debating, yelling, laughing and giggling as a family – John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert and Roseanne with her political debates against Jackie. While Dan’s rise from the dead is unexplained, we look forward to getting some clue.


A show that began as a buddy program centre on Harvey and Mike has reached the par of excellence. With so many legal elements added, now the team is up with a more comprehensive approach. The undoubtful exit of Meghan Markle was officially confirmed with the end of this season. While another coincidence hovers as for a happy ending is on the horizon for Rachel (Meghan Markle)- she’s tying knots with a handsome lawyer at her firm!


Bill Harder’s new found love for the perfect SNL project with much more than the absurdity of Laser Cats- in which he plays an oppressed hitman. Barry finds his interests in acting classes while on an assignment in Los Angeles. Tough luck his boss looks unimpressed with Barry’s acting skills. Barry is a full packed combination of a 30-minute comedy, drama, emotions and surprises. The best part is how a severe-looking action show might turn into a tragicomedy.

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